"Ari Scott is as excellent a photographer as she is a person. She's warm, professional, and able to make everyone she shoots look great." --Mara Wilson, author of "Where Am I Now?"

"Ari is the best.  She creates such a warm and inviting atmosphere and made the whole headshot experience seamless and fun. Her photos are simple and real and you won't leave feeling like a douchebag!  You'll leave with a bunch of great options that actually highlight your best qualities while still looking like you. What more could you ask for!" --Abbi Jacobson, writer and actor, Broad City

"I can't say good enough things about working with Ari. Not only were my photos a big hit with my representation and casting directors (I still get a ton of compliments), I felt completely comfortable and relaxed throughout the day. Looking at the photos, it's clear that I was having a great time -- I look like my best self, which is exactly what I want to present to this industry. Thanks, Ari!" --Alison Bennett, writer, Single Parents, You’re the Worst

"I've worked with Ari to get both headshots and promotional photos. She's a pro at making people feel calm and comfortable. She takes her time and works with you to get the best shot. Both times, I ended up with more than enough images to choose from, and Ari did an excellent job photoshopping my favorites for both print and social media. Ari is so kind and wonderful, and you'll walk away with the best photos." --Kristen Bartlett, writer, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, SNL

"Ari really captures the essence of who you are. A headshot should be an honest and polished picture, and from the angles to the light to the overall relaxed energy, she achieves this effortlessly." --Jennifer Bartels, actor, American Woman, Friends of the People

"The process of getting a new headshot can be difficult and annoying - if you don't use Ari!" --Matt Rubano, actor and musician

"Working with Ari was a great experience. She's very smart, experienced, talented and sensitive to the needs of actors. My headshots turned out great and I would definitely recommend her!" --Elaine Carroll, actor, Very Mary-Kate, College Humor

"Ari Scott is an amazing photographer!! I can't recommend her enough! In addition to taking my headshots, I've hired her to photograph just about every important event in my life for the past several years and she never misses a beat. She tells beautiful stories with her photos and is always professional, kind, and has real eye for detail. If you're not getting getting photos by Ari you are missing out!" --Cody Lindquist, actor, Our Cartoon President, Law & Order SVU, Broad City

"Working with Ari was so fun and comfortable. She made me feel totally myself and I think that translated to how well the photos came out. There were so many great ones to choose from and I don't usually consider myself a very photogenic person. I cannot recommend Ari enough." --Dawn Luebbe, actor and author of My 1992 Diary

"Ari is an absolute delight to work with, and her work reflects that--I have been so happy with the photos she took!" --Langdan Kingsley, actor and improviser

"Ari Scott is a kind, funny, and sincere person and a skilled photographer. Somehow she made me look good. Berrebbi Approved.” --Brian Berrebbi, actor

"Ari's headshots are great. Natural, flattering. Sessions are fun and easy." --Will Hines, actor and improviser

"Ari is such a pleasure to work with.  She made me feel at ease, and as a result, my headshots look natural and convey my personality. Her pricing is reasonable and you can count on Ari for speedy editing!" --Alison Barton, actor

"I was very nervous getting my first headshots done because I usually don't like the way I look in pictures. Ari made me feel like I was just hanging out with an old friend (even though we had just met). I loved the way my headshot came out. It actually looked like me and not some stiff awkward version of me." --Jenifer Bloodsworth, stand-up comedian

"Ari Scott took great pictures of me. People loved them. Some of those people gave me jobs. She's great. Go to her. Get jobs. (No really, she's terrific and was a blast to work with!)" --Eric Deskin, actor

"Ari Scott is a delight to work with. Not only is she poised and professional, but fun and made me feel really comfortable in front of the camera. I had a great time with her and it definitely shows in my head shots." --Jenn Dodd, comedian/writer

"Ari Scott is wonderful to work with! She's super fun and creative while at the same time very professional, which leads to a really great shoot and overall experience." --Vincent Moore, actor and improviser

"Ari was so great to work with! I was really nervous and self conscious going in, but she made me immediately comfortable. It was an incredibly low-key and fun photo shoot and the final pictures are my favorite pictures of me I've ever had. I get a lot of compliments on them. I'd highly recommend her." --Alene Latimer, writer

"Honestly, Ari is the best! She really makes you feel at ease and you have an absolute blast with her while taking your headshots. And the headshots? They look amazing. My wife and I had such an great experience working with Ari for our headshots, that we immediately knew we wanted to work with her again for promo shots for our UCB show. So easy to work with. So professional. You can't go wrong." --Jason Gore, actor/writer, UCB Theatre’s The Dead Dad’s Club

"If you want a beautiful, natural headshot that perfectly captures who you are as a performer and professional, Ari Scott is the girl for you. She is a pleasure to work with, and Ari's warm, enthusiastic demeanor brings out the best from her subjects." --Brianna Jacobson, writer/comedian

"I have to say you are great to work with because you have a way about you that makes others feel comfortable to work with (from my personal experience!).  You are a great listener and made me feel like you really care about making me happy with my headshots." --Melissa Kaskel, actor

"Not only were Ari's photos great, but it was also the least uncomfortable I've felt being photographed!" --David Clarke, actor and improviser

"The key to great headshots is a photographer whose pictures are beautiful to look at and have that something extra: what makes an actor special. Ari's pictures always do this! She is that exceptional kind of photographer actors search long and hard for: someone who is both technically outstanding and has the unassuming, relaxed, insightful, and fun personality that brings out the authentic and unique essence of the actor. I always get compliments on the headshots she took, and my agent loves them. I wish I had known about her years ago! I recommend her to everyone. She is the very best." --Livia Scott, actor

 "I’ve been able to use my headshots with Ari for the last four years and don’t plan on getting new ones because she did such a good job. The shoot was so fun and chill." --Brendan Fitzgibbons, actor and improviser

"Ari made my head shot session a delight. She was fun and professional. The pictures came out great and now I can't stop looking at myself." --Grant Robin, stand-up comedian

"Ari was a pleasure to work with. She is a true professional who helped me find the exact look that I wanted in my headshot." --Gus Zucco, actor

"Taking headshots with Ari is like hanging out with your good friend and having amazing photos of you afterwards. Her relaxed atmosphere is unlike any other headshot photographer I've worked with, which is what keeps me coming back!" --Douglas Widick, actor and improviser

 "Ari made me feel comfortable right away. She's funny, easy to be around and did a great job of making me feel free to be myself. I was beyond pleased with the final product." --Kevin Cobbs, actor

"Ari Scott is the Pete Sampras of headshots. She's talented, friendly, and has a wicked kick serve." --Kevin DeBacker, actor

"I felt immediately comfortable and forgot that someone was pointing a camera right at my weird face. Also the pictures came out amazing." --Andy Bustillos, actor and improviser

"Ari provided a comfortable and fun environment during our photo session and took fantastic head shots that I use to this day.  What more could you ask for!?" --Sam Klemmer, actor

"Ari was simply the best! No gimmicks at all. She makes you feel totally at ease and kick ass. These are hands down my favorite set of headshots I've ever gotten done." --Marissa Parnes, actor

"I had Ari do my headshots twice over the course of 5 years. She is awesome, hilarious, and a true professional. I booked more gigs using her headshots than anyone else's!" --Nadia Vasquez, actor

"I couldn't be more pleased with Ari's headshots. She was fun and easy to work with, the quality of the photographs was superb, and I had a really excellent selection to choose from after just one short session together. Cannot recommend highly enough!" --Brennan Mulligan, actor and improviser

"Ari is fantastic! I needed very specific looks for my headshots, and Ari went above and beyond to help me-- talked me through outfits, attitudes, etc., and even suggested specific shots to show my agent. My final shots were exactly what I needed, and I would recommend Ari to anyone in need of headshots that are high quality, unique, and true to life." --Lani Harms, actor and improviser

"I went to Ari to get headhsots taken for my blog, but also for an online dating site I had recently joined.  Ari offered countless suggestions knowing what I was looking for and I ended up getting both great professional and fun shots I could use.  Not saying this is a direct correlation, but I met a great guy soon after I posted my new headshots. I don't want to be so bold as to say you won't meet your future spouse if you don't use Ari for headshots, but it can't hurt. I highly recommend her services." --Laura Carlucci, writer

"Ari is the best!  She sets exactly the right mood to help you feel like yourself, and it shows in the openness she captures from you.  THE BEST, I SAY!" --Louis Kornfeld, actor and improviser

"I was really nervous/dreading getting my headshots taken, but as soon as I started my session with Ari I became completely relaxed and all my anxiety went away. It was actually a really great experience. And most importantly, the shots turned out really, REALLY great. Even better then I had imagined. Do it! You'll be so so happy." --Christina Dabney, actor