This picture is old. I’m getting a new one soon!

This picture is old. I’m getting a new one soon!

I'm a photographer, writer, runner, and dog mom. I've been taking photos for actors, artists, families, and companies since 2007.

My mother was a photographer and I must have inherited her love of documenting life with a camera – from elementary school trips to friends’ birthday parties to pictures of my family. In the 90s, I moved to NYC to be a singer/songwriter. In 2005, I took a break from music and began taking classes at UCB Theatre. After years of owning point-and-shoots, I bought my first DSLR camera in 2007 and started shooting shows at UCB for fun. Performers started asking me for headshots and I kept saying yes. Word spread, and eventually I was taking pictures all the time. I'm still on my break from music.



Abrams Books

American Cancer Society

Blink magazine



Finn Partners, Inc.

GEMS Education

Haykel Group

Improv Everywhere

Lenzing Fibers, Inc.


New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

Octagon Sports & Entertainment Agency

Privy Groupe, Inc.


Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre